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And now, stepping outside the lunatic world of mainstream “science” and vaccine/drug development, here are a few crucial facts I’ve established in the more than 150 articles I’ve written about the fake pandemic:

The new coronavirus was never discovered in the first place—not by proper procedures of purification. Therefore, even if a vaccine were safe and effective, it would provide protection against something whose existence was never proven.

The vaccine, the drugs, the masks, the distancing are all pretexts and explanations designed to justify the lockdowns.

The lockdowns are warfare. This is an economic war against the entire population of Earth.

The war is a gateway into brutal Socialism/Communism, which is a phase merging with planetary technocracy. Brave New World.

This is the game plan. This is the ten thousand year war we are fighting.

This introduction thanks to: Jon Rappoport

If you expect to be free and have your posterity enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty, it is imperative you stop immediately supporting the government and its unconstitutional wars on everything. You must “just say no” to the source of your addiction. You can do so by refusing to vote for any candidate, for any office, who supports welfare, (this includes open borders) and the wars on drugs and terror. To do so will require more courage than most people possess—so don’t hold your breath.

This from Rebel Madman Home. I learned this is true. Not popular, but true.

Okay, that's all well and good. I'm sorry but all my website does is pout ( To exhibit displeasure or disappointment; sulk). We need to be organizing. Get to know your neighbors. Let them know that you stand with Freedom and Liberty. And that you understand that the way the framers of 1776 made America, has not worked. And that the group needs to come up with a better way.

This statement "Remember, no country in history has maintained its original form for more than 250 years" as become delusional. Let us get into the real world.

This country didn't last 100 years. You ask what evidence. The Civil War which changed everything and the Act of 1871 turned what you think is the United States of America into a corporation.

Come on patriots. If were going to solve the problems we have to actually embrace them.


COVID: The projection of a mass illusion

Protests against the COVID imprisonment are spreading across America.

—Bright lights starting to dispel the darkness.

These protests are fracturing the illusion that we’re in the grip of a virus that dictates economic suicide.

Here, from the US Library of Congress, is a sentence about the Great Depression of the 1930s: “In a country with abundant resources, the largest force of skilled labor, and the most productive industry in the world, many found it hard to understand why the depression had occurred and why it could not be resolved.”

Exactly. The engineered 1929 crash of the stock market did not change the quantity or quality of national resources, labor, or industry one iota.

What had changed was the successful projection of a mass illusion.


Today, think, what would You know if the media had not aired COVID 19 24/7?

They are using that same propaganda/illusion today!

  • In 1929, the official gibberish focused on unchecked speculation in the stock market. Official fatuous pronouncements about 1929 would have you believe that every American was, unfortunately, leveraged up to his neck in crashing stocks.
  • • Today, the official gibberish focuses on an unproven virus. Pronouncements about 2020 would have you believe every American has suddenly become a transmitter of a deadly virus.

Both big lies.

When it comes to what is laughingly called medical science, the basic energy, drive, ambition, outlook, and inner vision of the individual is discounted. His emotional force is discounted. The resilience of his immune system is discounted. The power of his spiritual beliefs is discounted. His ability to overcome obstacles is discounted. And of course, his natural right to make decisions about his own health is discounted.

Instead, he is viewed as a mechanical unit reacting to germs, with a high potential for failure. This is pure insanity. This is where all the purported sophistication of basic medical science winds up: in a dead end. LIFE itself was eliminated from the equations and formulas. Whose fault is that? Not yours. Not mine.

It turns out that, for many people, their belief in the power of the virus, and their belief in the officials who are spouting gobbledygook about it, outweigh their belief in whatever spiritual ultimates they profess.

Their own deepest beliefs are not strong enough.

Their religion is television.

Which is where the mass illusion is projected.

Epidemics are staged on television.

Now we are in very deep waters. COVID-19 hysteria has been tuned up to the NEED for a vaccine.

WE need to slough off this promoted bad dream and stand firm against the little gods who traffic their vials in every doctor’s office, hospital, school, drug store, and tented parking lot—making them into shooting galleries.

We already have natural immune systems. They work.

Read the entire Jon Rappoport article here.

Paul Craig Roberts: Big Brother has Complete Control

Someone posed the question; if not for the Main Stream Media would you even know that we are in the midst of a global pandemic? Do you see it all around you? I do not see it. What we are seeing is dramatic reductions in estimated cases and death rates. Due to the alternative media sites which are there for all to research if so inclined, you can find interviews with numerous physicians and healthcare officials claiming Covid 19 may very well be a monstrous psychological operation. Can you imagine that?

Read the entire article here.

Media Deception

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