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The Shadow Government Going for the Kill Shot

The continuing rioting by anarchists, hard core Marxists, and brain washed fools who are nothing more than disposal foot soldiers for these America haters, is the culmination of many decades of planning.

George Floyd was simply the match that lit the leaking gas pump, the same as COVID-19 was the match that ignited the destruction of our economy already in peril despite all the rhetoric claiming the opposite.

The forces behind these movements wait for openings and then with the assistance of their prostitute media, Hollywood narcissists and political whores like Nancy Pelosi,work feverishly to divide our nation. And right now, our republic is divided in the most dangerous level since 1776. Make no mistake about that.

Itís critically important the American people get educated as to the players, who funds them and their goals. Kelleigh Nelson in her usual intense researching provided a wealth of factual information in her recent column, Tax Exempt Organizations Funnel Millions to BLM Marxists [1]. I canít emphasize enough itís imperative people make the time to read fully documented columns. I know, this is an uber stressful time for all of us but time grows short with about 100 days left until the election November 3rd.

There is much discussion about a Ďdeep stateí and dirty players like James Comey, Robert Mueller, FBI Director Christopher Wray who is a master of cover-up, Brennan, Clapper and that whole traitorous bunch. But the truth is, they are, like the useful fools involved with the BLM communist organization and the fascist group called ANTIFA, controlled by those who wish to remain in the shadows.

Yes, yes, George Soros is quite visible and makes no attempt to conceal his hatred for America, but he is just one of the cash cows. Soros is just as guilty of sedition as the maggots who take his money to further their mission: Destroy capitalism and replace a free-market economy with the tried and failed in every country, socialism, the sister of communism.

Itís the quiet ones who represent the most danger. I refer to individualís wealthy beyond what most Americans can comprehend who control governments, start wars and have been busy destabilizing the world lusting for even more power and riches.

Please continue reading here: The Shadow Government Going for the Kill Shot

This YouTuber decided to name the videos in this playlist Part1 through Part10. Part5 doesn't exist for some reason. On the second thought - I found it.

The Fall of the Cabal - Part 5

Part1 is a summary of the other parts.

Part9 is has McCain was a Traitor.

Part10 is the most amazing for me. JFK Jr alive?

The Fall of the Cabal

Just in case YouTube decides to pull it down again - find it here.

The Fall of the Cabal - Part 5

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