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17th Amendment - Show Print View!

The seventeenth amendment is the one that let's the people of the state elect their senators directly. Before the seventeenth the state legislatures could recall senators. Now we have no way of removing a senator. The following article explains it further.

Has Impeachment Trial Provided a Golden Opportunity?

Since several states were out of session at the time of the vote, have they been deprived of equal Suffrage in the U.S. Senate because they did not participate in the ratification of this amendment? Is fraud (non-ratification) enough to allow a state to declare it null and void in their state?

As many states back then were out of session for four years at a time, they were denied equal sufferage in the Senate. I believe there are more state legislatures with constitutionally minded reps and senators who could really raise legal hell over that amendment.

This is an important link. I went to great lengths to give legislators all the reasons why that amendment must be challenged. The Seventeenth Amendment: A Cancer on our Constitutional Republic Ė Crushing the Rights of the Sovereign States of the Union

This is not the first interest in getting rid of that destructive non-ratified amendment. Besides the boatload of information at the link above, there are more I found later; listed below in links section.

Today I will call Rep. Quinnís office and try to speak with his Chief of Staff. I proved beyond any legal doubt ratification was two states short. All the documents I presented to the court were court certified both from the National Archives and the State of California archives. Hopefully, I will be able to have a conversation with Quinn down the road and see we canít formulate a plan.

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Has Impeachment Trial Provided a Golden Opportunity?

17th Amendment Show Print View!



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