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911 And PA - Show Print View!

9/11 and the Patriot Act

This is an article about the Patriot Act and how it took away your Rights. I should apologize for not remembering this information sooner.

The government account of 9/11

Very simplified 19 hijackers drove four planes around the nation and knocked down two buildings and the Pentagon. One of the planes crashed in Pennsylvania. It was supposedly an attack on this nation by the 19 hijackers. The problem with this scenario is that there was no attempt to hold anybody accountable. Thus it was not believable.

What really happened

There were no hijackers. People saw and heard what the government wanted them to see. the government at some point had to destroy two buildings and blow a hole in another to make it look credible. It was a production like no other before it. The movie "wag the dog" was a plot along these lines.

Go to this link to see the full story. 9/11 What really happened

The ultimate outcome

Either way, it doesn't matter whether it was a true false flag or a true attack, The people FEARED. Thus, the government had an excuse to write the Patriot Act. And the Patriot Act has been renewed by every president since George W. Bush signed it.

So what does the Patriot Act do. It basically removes all your rights and makes what's going on today more or less legal.

If you want any more information on the Patriot Act, research it.

911 And PA Show Print View!



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