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See Top Eight Myths about Covid-19 for more information and reference.

MYTH: Flattening the curve will avoid health-care overload and reduce deaths.

  • TRUTH: Health-care overload is an unverified theoretical concern but flattening the curve does not reduce death rates. It increases them. Prolonging an epidemic delays herd immunity and results in more contagion among susceptible populations than if it runs its natural course. Prolonging an epidemic causes more deaths.

MYTH: Without immediate, drastic measures, millions and millions will die.

  • TRUTH: Predictions of frighteningly large numbers of deaths are based on biased computer models and fraudulent data. They are propaganda.

MYTH: Statistics prove that COVID-19 is a pandemic of epic proportions.

  • TRUTH: After COVID-19 statistics are purged of deaths caused by conditions other than COVID-19, there is no evidence that death rates are significantly different from seasonal flu.

MYTH: Hospital records prove that COVID-19 infections are of epic proportions.

  • TRUTH: US hospital records reveal there is a strong financial incentive from Medicare for diagnosing as many patients as possible as COVID-19 cases, and even more so if ventilators are prescribed whether needed or not.

MYTH: Everyone should be tested because that makes it possible to quarantine those who are contagious, and this will save lives.

  • • TRUTH: The standard COVID-19 test for those with no symptoms produces a false-positive 80% of the time. Quarantining infected people may reduce the speed of contagion but not the death rate. Quarantines increase death rates because they delay herd immunity, which is what brings all pandemics to a close.

MYTH: Everyone should be vaccinated because unvaccinated people spread diseases.

  • TRUTH: Those who are vaccinated may be immune to a disease, but they carry (and spread) pathogens the same as those who are not vaccinated. Forcing the unvaccinated to accept vaccines will not further protect those who already are immune.

MYTH: Vaccines are based on over 200 years of science and experience. It is foolish to question their safety or effectiveness.

  • TRUTH: Vaccine science may have been founded on sound concepts but, in the past few decades, it has become tainted with conflicts of interest and political agendas. It is foolish to trust any product from this industry today.

MYTH: When the COVID-19 lockdown finally is removed, life will return to normal.

  • TRUTH: Authorities are saying the lockdown may not be removed until a ‘contact-tracing’ surveillance system is in place, which will prevent a return to ‘normal’ in any sense of the word that includes liberty and privacy.

Coronavirus: It’s Not About Staying Safe, It’s About Control and Seizing Power

Can we now get to the truth of the matter about why we are going along with all of this? Those in charge know exactly how the majority of the population will react and behave. They absolutely know keeping six feet apart from each other prevents nothing. Wearing a goofy facemask over your mouth and nose doesn’t keep anyone safe from anything which means it’s not about anyone’s safety. It’s about appearances. It’s is about programming. It’s about conditioning you and me. How do you explain the arrows on the floor which showed up at your grocery store directing the proper path to take while shopping, or the markers indicating proper spacing while standing in line? How does directing the flow of shoppers down the aisle help us stay safe? If the person in front of you stops to examine an item are we to wait six feet behind until they’re ready to move on or do we quickly move around them holding our breath to not breathe their exhaust or let ours out? It’s crazy isn’t it. To be blunt it’s “Herd Mentality” or “Sheeple Syndrome”.

Is there a virus out there? There must be. Otherwise why would we be doing this? Someone posed the question; if not for the Main Stream Media would you even know that we are in the midst of a global pandemic? Do you see it all around you? I do not see it. What we are seeing is dramatic reductions in estimated cases and death rates. Due to the alternative media sites which are there for all to research if so inclined, you can find interviews with numerous physicians and healthcare officials claiming Covid -19 may very well be a monstrous psychological operation. Can you imagine that?

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