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This is the most important page of all my websites. The Civil War enables the coup that is going on today. You cannot hold a voluntary union of states together with a war. A Civil War is where two factions try to occupy the same land. Our so-called Civil War was not a Civil War at all. Our so-called Civil War took away our freedom.

Now backing those statements up.

Author's Note* Somehow revisionist historians would have us believe Abraham Lincoln perpetrated an unconstitutional war on the people of the North and the South to free an oppressed people of color. Considering Lincoln's open war on the American Indian and his subordinates attitudes towards the various tribes, one would have to be extremely naive or just downright ignorant to believe those court historians who simply parrot the state provided socialist mantra.



At the very least it should be mildly disturbing to hear that Hitler and Marx were named among the fans of Lincoln, and it should call into question just how "Republican" in the conservative sense Lincoln truly was. Far from being a sole indictment against Lincoln however, we should call into question the whole origin of the GOP. Are they truly conservative if they look back to Lincoln for inspiration? They were the original party to allow socialists to gained admittance into the U.S. government, which ushered in the progressive era of Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR. It's clear that a "renewal" is not the answer for the GOP, but rather a complete start from scratch. Either that or the creation of a third-party that will adhere to the Constitution and stop trampling on the rights of states and people like both parties have been in the habit of doing over the past 150 years. Still, it is the principles of God that will save this nation, the God that Hitler, Marx, and Lincoln rejected, not political parties. It is a battle of humanism vs. Christianity and only revival in the orthodox Christian sense has any hope of restoring the government of the United States.

this from Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War

The above article means both parties are more communist then we would like. Marx admired Lincoln.

So if you're conservative in America, you really don't have a party to latch on to. I've often wondered why the Republicans have RED for their color. Now I know. It is because of its communist founding.

What Happened that got us so OFF Course?

The very short answer to that is the so-called Civil War. We had Jeffersonian Goverment before 1861. The Government was what the founders wrote in the United States Constitution.

And then Lincoln-ism set in. And the Government has been getting bigger and bigger ever since. There has been no President since Lincoln that has upheld the US Constitution as written.

So why did the government get bigger and bigger? Short answer Lincoln changed the culture of the elected officials. They knew that nothing would happen (without fear of accountability) if they cheated/were corrupt. And there was no way to remove them.

These videos explain it better than I can . Also the book; titled "the South was Right" and "Lincoln Unmasked". Are very good.

Let's review already. The first sentence says it all. The Civil War was a coup d'tat. It ushered in a new culture in the American government. The first video below Nails it.

PROOF the AMERICAN "CIVIL WAR" was not about Slavery

JBS Civil War Videos

Dr. Donald Livingston discusses "The Real Reason the South Seceded," at the Abbeville Institute Stone Mountain Conference, October 2015.

The Real Reason the South Seceded by Donald Livingston

The Civil War was Not for Slavery

The following is from The South was Right

State's Rights and Constitutional Liberty

The central theme of this book is that the Northern majority used unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral methods to change the Original Constitutional Republic into a centralized national government that it now controls. This radical and revolutionary corruption of the original government changed the very nature of that government from a voluntary compact among sovereign states to an empire established by the Northern majority via the conquest of the numerical minority of the South. Because the states were sovereign, they possessed specific "rights" as a result of their sovereign character, thus the term "State's Rights."

As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time when states were sovereign and the Tenth Amendment was a valid and honored part of the United States Constitution. The demise of state sovereignty leaves the citizen at the mercy of an all-powerful central government. In the following chapter we shall trace the origins of the attack upon state sovereignty and observe the struggle leading to the War for America.

State's Rights and Constitutional Liberty

According to Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, United States Supreme Court 1864-73, state sovereignty died at Appomattox. As surprising as it may be, we agree with his assessment! Our differences are that while the Republican chief justice was celebrating the conquest of this great Southern principle, we, on the other hand, lament the death of the Constitutional Federal Republic. It is unfortunate that "conservatives" refuse to recognize the fact that the death of the principle of state sovereignty caused a radical transformation in the very nature and character of the resulting government. They insist on living in a fantasy world as if the war and Reconstruction had no effect upon the constitutional nature of the current government. Establishment conservatives have a vested interest in maintaining this fantasy. They must continue to conduct business as usual, all the while pretending that the United States Constitution guarantees a limited central government and that the limitations imposed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are just as valid today as they were under the Original Constitution. To do otherwise would force them into an untenable position of admitting that the original compact that created this country (the Constitution) has been illegally altered and is no longer valid for the purpose it was designed. Admitting this, they would be forced to conclude that there is nothing left to conserve. Therefore, they would have to abandon their position and acknowledge defeat.

As Southern Nationalists we must remember that there is no magic in the word "constitution." Even communist Russia had a constitution that guaranteed human rights and religious freedom. Yet, it availed the people very little! The current United States Constitution may resemble the original, it may be titled the same, it may contain certain identical clauses, but it does not effectively limit the power of the federal government, nor does it allow the people of the states an avenue to effectively defend their reserved rights when these rights are trampled upon by an all-powerful central government. Therefore, beware of your liberties for indeed there is no magic in the word "constitution"! Absent the sovereign state, the individual citizen stands naked and alone, unprotected against the might of a centralized federal government'a government that has assumed unto itself the right to be the exclusive judge of the extent of its own powers. What monarch has ever asked for more?

Read more here: Kennedy, James Ronald. The South Was Right . Kindle Edition.

In my opinion the whole Chapter spells out COUP by the North. And the that coup is what we have today. The chapter explains how states rights were usurped and the federal government gained control over the states.

Or you could say - "the South was right" - The original Constitution was spot on.

Civil War Show Print View!



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