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How do you ensure riots in the street will directly affect every single American? By using an old communist tactic that nearly always guarantees results for those flooding the streets.

We'll look closely at this timeless tactic, to help you make sense out of all of this chaos in this episode of Activate America.

What's Really Behind the Riots?

White America, Black America, the set-up, and the con

Whether you believe in God the Creator or evolution or something else as the explanation for the human race, progress was meant to involve the individual coming out of the group and staking his claim to a life of his own making, according to his best vision of his greatest thoughts and values.

THIS was a struggle of blood and courage and intelligence for many centuries. THIS was the journey out of the caves and the clans and the brutal leaders and the mind control imposed from the top. THIS was where each one of us "came from," that struggle.

And now, through every foul means available, elite controllers want to turn back the clock and take each one of us into the past.


Yes, and there is widespread poison by pesticide and GMO, there is widespread and devastating autism by vaccine, there is lung damage by corporate pollution, there is widespread death caused by the medical system and there is insurance fraud and welfare fraud and voter fraud and money-creation fraud, and there are corrupt judges and there are corrupt cops and insane governors running lockdowns. there is a great deal of major ongoing crime in America. All of it affects the black and the white.

The current riots are an operation designed to produce more top-down control in America.

Read the entire article here: White America, Black America, the set-up, and the con

Controlled Opposition Definition

The one definition for controlled opposition I was able to find while searching online is from UrbanDictionary.com:

A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

The person who posted this definition to Urban Dictionary goes by the alias "Aliases", so you're probably not going to see it cited in a policy journal any time soon. Furthermore, I have not been able to establish that Vladimir Lenin ever actually made that statement. But this definition is a start, and not necessarily a bad one. However, there's more to the concept of controlled opposition than government-created fake protest movements.


Controlled Opposition

Controlled Opposition Show Print View!



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