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Critical Theory - Show Print View!

Also know as Critical Thinking in some circles.

You've probably heard words like racism, violence, white fragility, and white privilege tossed around. Do you ever feel that these words have taken on new and ideologically charged meanings? We are told that speech is violence, then we are told that silence is violence. We are told that asking perfectly sensible questions about human biology is hateful bigotry. These definitions are not only confusing, but they're also dangerous. Sam Martin, creative director at Free the People, breaks down the critical theory behind these toxic ideas in the new series, The Cult of Wokeness.

Critical Theory is Systemically Brainwashing Us


Have you heard words like diversity, racism, equity, white fragility, white privilege tossed around. Have you ever wondered why it seems like those on the "Woke1 Left" are reading from a different script? That's because they are. And do you ever feel, when they're saying those words, that they're using a different definition than the one that we're accustomed to? That's because they are.

So what's happening here? Why does it feel like the word racist is being carelessly tossed around to the point where it's lost all meaning? Why is it not okay to simply be not racist anymore? You must instead be anti-racist. The agenda stems from a certain segment of postmodern academia called "critical theory". Things like Social justice studies, gender studies, queer studies, intersectionality, post-colonial studies.

1. woke 2 (wōk)

adj. Slang - Aware of the injustice of the social system in which one lives: "The phenomenon of being woke is a cultural push to challenge problematic norms, systemic injustices and the overall status quo through complete awareness"

And if you don't understand in one of these conversations where they change the meanings of the words, you are usually considered a racist. Oh, well.

Critical Theory Show Print View!



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