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They left a loophole in the Constitution (because it is not discussed) that we can use to defend ourselves. It is called Jury Nullification.

The way the judicial system works now: the judge tells you what the law is. The judge decides what evidence can be presented. The judge decides who can testify. Etc.

Well, in real life the judge is not the dictator of you. When the jury commences you can vote however you want per your values. If you don't like a law the person is not guilty. You have that right.

This doesn't just apply to Corona cases. This applies to everything.

I would suggest you use this power/right very carefully.

@USlawreview - A DEFENSE to Corona, Jury Nullification

What Itasca thinks about Jury Nullification

Absolutely! The jury is the most important part of our system of Rule of Law, nullifying unjust laws at the ground roots level, and nullifying unjust application of law in specific circumstances. That's why the Bill of Rights specifies trial by a jury of your peers! Jurors are supposed to be from your neighborhood, because they know you, and will rightly judge whether or not the evidence rings true with the character they know you to have, or, not have. We are supposed to be tried before those who know us, and the situation, because that is the only way to reach a truly just verdict!

And, it is high time Americans learn why judges ask jurors during jury selection, if we've heard of jury nullification. If someone acknowledges having heard of it, that person is not chosen for the jury. Because they want us to continue to believe that the judge determines the law, the judge determines what evidence can be submitted to the jury, and the judge decrees sentence if the accused is found guilty. So, the jury is a meaningless rubber stamp for the prosecution and the judge.

Jury Nullification is the last Fail-Safe protection against governmental tyranny, as the extremely crucial constitutional protection of our God-given Right to Trial by a Jury of Our Peers. One more Right that has been trampled underfoot, as the people have been dumbed-down, deconstructed, brainwashed and indoctrinated!

Itasca Small

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Defending Yourself Show Print View!



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