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Our 2-party system is not a 2-party system at all, both communist!



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Their Goal - To Control US

This video reveals the real reason for the COVID Hoax: it is to condition us so that we can accept the terms of the New Green Deal. Of course you know the New Green Deal is anti-fossil fuel. Well, wouldn't that drive up the price of gas for our automobiles? Yes of course. But that is the objective – to make owning a car irrational.

Obviously, this is all coming from the left. Their only goal is to control us.

Their Goal - To Control US

There a lot of people in this country that have their head in the sand. I am talking about the left. The left/everybody that is opposed to freedom. And a lot of people don't even recognize that they are communist . It was talk to them so slowly that it is innate in them.

And where does this lead?

When I say Communist, I also mean most of the Democrat political leaders, who are Communists in charge of the jurisdictions, being destroyed by Marxist thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These Democrat Communist political leaders actively stand behind the thugs and encourage them. Democrat political leaders encourage death, destruction, and anarchy in their communities. Then, they can install Communism and gain absolute power and control.

This motion picture was made in 1969. We are living the final days of the Communist plan for for America now.


"AGENDA is the most powerful expose of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far."

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer)

AGENDA Grinding America Down FULL MOVIE

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