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We now know that in the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church paid Mohammed to popularize the Quran throughout the Middle East, apparently in order to create a "Pillar to Post" situation for itself-- that is, to give itself something to fight against and an excuse to confiscate property from the Moors and the Jews.

This creation of religious controversy was the "necessary condition" for The Crusades and all the money, power, and property assets that the Church acquired as a result.

The whole enmity between Islam and Christianity was ginned up with malice aforethought-- created, and not by accident.

We were all used by the "Belief Makers"--- for their gain and our loss.

The Crusades depopulated Europe leaving the Church as beneficiary of most of the resulting largess.

We have all been "played" throughout history in exactly the same manner.

The Perps create two sides and we stupidly line up and choose one side or the other, as if all our choices suddenly dwindled down to that.

Statutory or Common Law?

Allopathic or Naturopathic Medicine?

Republican or Democrat?

Catholic or Protestant?

Find the rest of the story here: The Big Con

DON'T CHOOSE SIDES, EVER - Obviously that is how there control events and you. Pay attention to how far back this philosophy goes back.

How it is being done now in the United States

A woman who fled the former nation of Yugoslavia discuss how socialism led to the downfall of the nation and how events happening in America parallel what happened there.

A Warning From Yugoslavia: Don't Let Socialism Come To America

How it is being done Show Print View!



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