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Knowledge is Power - Show Print View!

Knowledge is Power - seems like a simple enough concept. Although, it has overwhelmed the world. I know you've all heard this before - it was/is used to control your mind. The way it's been used controls our every day experience. Here is an article that explains it further. The article contains examples: how they did it. Follow the link below.

There is much talk today about controlling "the narrative. " What is the narrative but a collection of words? Words that convey meaning and therefore are imbued with considerable power. Controlling the narrative means controlling the opinion of the population. Controlling the opinion of the population means that you control the population, controlling the population equals power.

The Constitution is an important document that forms the basis of our unique style of government. But the Leftists have perverted it like everything else. The Constitution is now a "living document. " A very important distinction, because if the Constitution is a "living document, " then it is much easier to change or even to interpret it to ones advantage. And all this without actually changing the wording of said Constitution. Think about that ?

Hitler rose to power through the use of "verbacide."

Barack Obama convinced many a person through the use of "verbacide" that the U.S. because of its wealth and power was "bad," and needed to be put down.

"Words" have convinced many (again by Democrats) that guns are inherently evil. Guns are not sentient, therefore they cannot be evil. Furthermore, guns are inert, meaning not alive, meaning they cannot kill people. People kill people - therefore, gun control has never worked and never will work.

The power of words, more properly the misuse of words, i.e., "verbacide," has convinced many a person of things that are simply untrue.

Democrats through controlling the narrative, or more properly, verbacide - have convinced many a person of deep and serious untruths. School indoctrination has convinced many "educated" people of truths that are no truths at all.

Words have power - the Democrats subterfuge on any given subject is based on words. Never forget this. The Democrats can get away with crimes, change the rules at will, lie, attack and misrepresent what the president and others say, make false allegations, twist others words and on and on. Verbacide, controlling the narrative.

Not so funny now is it?

This thanks to this great article - The Leftist Cabal's Most Outrageous Crime Yet.

The importance of this type of mind control;
has worked and is working.

Knowledge is Power Show Print View!



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