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Obamas Role - Epstein - Show Print View! - Please email for others!

In the following video, Epstein was thrown under the bus because he was no longer needed. Well in their opinion. Gotta watch the video to figure it out.

What this all means is We are clueless. I know it is too complicated for me. But basically proves what the general public knows is Bull Ship (does not hold water or of little substance or a smoke screen to hide what is really going on).

Also, the "Ripple Effect title" is used to tell you that you need to tell everyone you know. Let's use the Ripple effect and save America.

On this special 200th episode of The Ripple Effect podcast, James Corbett, Jason Bermas, Sam Tripoli and Whitney Webb join host Ricky Varandas for a roundtable discussion on Jeffrey Epstein, 9/11, and all the other tentacles of the octopus conspiracy.

The Epstein 9/11 Octopus - Ripple Effect Roundtable

More Detail

Donald J. Trump made his own fortune, independent from government, and he doesn’t view government power as a way to collect a massive personal fortune by selling government influence (i.e. the Clinton Foundation) or threatening foreign nations to dish out large revenue streams to his family members. What Joe Biden did in Ukraine has been repeated countless times by the Clintons (where did all the Haiti relief funds go?) and nearly every other connected politician. Big government is a big scam for the political elite, and the more taxes they can raise from the public to fund various government projects, the more these corrupt elitists can skim money from incoming Treasury revenues by setting up family foundations, “consulting” groups and other shell vehicles for receiving bribes, kickbacks and shakedown cash.

Trump’s unwillingness to play along with this grand scam has made him enemy No. 1. It’s not just about the politics here… to the Democrats, it’s about protecting their personal profits. How did Sen. Feinstein become worth hundreds of millions of dollars while “serving” as a California senator? It’s simple: She turned her office into a spy hub to feed U.S. secrets and the identities of anti-communist activists directly to Beijing. Feinstein is a traitor, but serving as a traitor in a corrupt system of big government pays off handsomely to those willing to sell out their own country (which now includes the NBA, NFL and ESPN, by the way, on the culture side of things).

It’s no surprise, then, when Nancy Pelosi calls for a communist-style revolution against President Trump. She’s protecting her own corrupt skimming operations and money laundering scams. Eliminating Trump and overthrowing the rule of law is the only way corrupt traitors like Pelosi can remain in power and continue to dupe the American people.

That’s why deranged congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is now openly discussing which prisons would be used for imprisoning Trump and his Cabinet officials. It’s also why Rep. Adam Schiff’s so-called “whistleblower” has now evaporated into obscurity… because Schiff fabricated the existence of the whistleblower in the first place. It was all rigged from the start as another deep state false flag operation against President Trump.

Mobbing up the left-wing troops in preparation for massive civil unrest following the planned false flag shooting of Antifa members

The true puppetmasters in all this are, of course, George Soros and Barack Obama, who was a seditious traitor and “sleeper cell” against America from the very beginning. As InfoWars.com now reports, Antifa has announced a plan to overthrow President Trump by invoking violent, nationwide revolution:

The anti-American organization Antifa announced their plan to overthrow President Trump through violent revolution, and the Trump administration finally responded by activating the Marines to prevent a Deep State coup. The violent far-left group is funded in part by billionaire George Soros and Clinton/Obama stay-behind networks such as MoveOn and Onward Together. Universities and the mainstream media readily amplify Antifa’s seditious anti-Trump agenda and frequently provide cover for the group’s violence toward conservatives.

AllNewsPipeline.com, which has emerged as one of the most important new voices in pro-liberty independent media, adds this crucial analysis:

Story: “The Blueprint For Democrats To Complete Their Overthrow Of America Is Already Written As Retired Admiral Calls For President Trump To Be ‘Removed’ From Office, ‘The Sooner, The Better'”

With Retired Admiral William McRaven, a Hillary Clinton fan, publishing an op-ed in Friday’s New York Times titled “Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President” within which he argued that President Trump must be removed from office and “the sooner the better” hinting that things could turn terribly ugly in the days and weeks ahead, as Breitbart reports in this story, McRaven’s op-ed gives a military imprimatur to what President Donald Trump has already likened to a “coup.”

As InfoWars, Natural News, AllNewsPipeline and many others have reported, the United States President has the authority to invoke the 1907 Insurrection Act to deal with traitors and acts of sedition.

On October 6 of this year, NewsTarget, our political and current events site, first reported the Pentagon ordering reserve U.S. Marines units to active status in anticipation of an “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning.” That same order also cited “threats in the Homeland.” As that story reported:

[A] directive involving the United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy. This new order is summarized as, “MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.”

The following newspaper ad, published by the New York Times, typifies the level of hysteria and lawlessness now being parroted by the indoctrinated Left. It also proves how the New York Times is complicit in pushing an illegal, violent coup attempt against Trump and the tens of million of supporters who voted him into office:

All this, of course, is being bankrolled by George Soros. As InfoWars reports:

Soros has activated Antifa for civil unrest during key historical events, such as in 2018 amid Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and in Baltimore 2015 during the Freddie Gray protests. The Deep State and their cohorts have been intensifying their coup against Trump in light of Democrats losing grip of their hoaxes against him ahead of 2020. It’s clear the establishment plans use Antifa as an ignition point to kick off a larger civil war to overthrow Trump before the 2020 election.

Read the entire article here - ALERT: Antifa puppetmasters to engineer “patriot” slaughter of Leftists to spark violent uprising against conservatives

Obamas Role - Epstein Show Print View!



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