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There is no such thing as a spontaneous large-scale riot.

Since the fatal arrest in Minneapolis, large-scale riots have taken place. Arthur R. Thompson discusses what is driving these riots as well as the agenda behind them. In actuality, is it really possible to have a spontaneous large-scale riot?

Take Action:

1. Watch Anarchy U.S.A.: https://youtu.be/6eOqvY818Fg

2. Find Out More About “Support Your Local Police”: https://www.jbs.org/sylp/

3. Start a Support Your Local Police Committee: https://www.jbs.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SYLPCommitteeFormationReport.pdf

A Close Look at the Riots

This Is #TheGreatReset. You Have Been Warned


Was fatal arrest in Minneapolis staged or did it actually take place. Notice there are no flashing lights from patrol cars sitting nearby. That to me says it was not a police action. And people with cameras have taken a picture of the scene from other angles. There aren't any people standing by.


And the ambulance that took him away was manned by armed policemen. And they lifted him onto stretcher like the body as if it was a dummy.

Unraveling the Riot News

The [DS]/MSM are continuing with their agenda of removing Trump at any cost. This push is now going to intensify as we head toward the elections. Trump and the patriots no the [DS]/MSM playbook, this is about exposing the them, showing the people the true [DS], understanding how the MSM pushes their agenda. More and more people are waking up, this event has failed before it was started.

The People Are Watching, They See Clearly,
They Are Awake, They Now Know

The [DS]/MSM 2nd event has failed big time, the patriots now have the green light, its go time. [RR] testified today and this was the shaping of the narrative so the people understand how this all came about. [RR] who was the head of the investigation blamed it on the FBI. As more people testify it will back those who planned and the MSM back in the corner. Q dropped some bread and indictments are ready, the military has the go green signal to move forward. The patriots are dismantling the [DS] army.

[DS] Power Structure Dismantled, Think Military,
Think Arrests, Good & Green

COVID-19 and Riots: the operational connections

One operation covers another.

There are different variations on this central theme. Sometimes the second op is laid on to justify or explain the first one. Sometimes the second op simply smothers the first one.

Regardless, covers work. They're used. They grab attention, cause fear, shift focus away from an op that is running out of steam or is about to be exposed.

In the middle of a city, a great edifice stands. It took a hundred years to build. Every day, when citizens pass by it, they salute, they leave offerings, they even kneel and pray. It's clearly understood that this magnificent structure will last forever.

But one day, people notice one wall is beginning to crumble. Stones have been falling out. There are holes. And when people peer in, they see empty dusty rooms, and smell acrid odors. This news must be spread to the populace.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, a great mob appears. They're carrying torches and setting fire to other structures.

Run. Hide. THIS is a terrible threat. This is the true crisis. Not the hundred years of deception.

Read the entire article here: COVID-19 and Riots: the operational connections

Media Deception

Riots Show Print View!



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