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The Last False Flag - Changing Pneumonia into the 19 - Show Print View! - Please email for others!

I've had pneumonia now for four months. It started in the middle of December and I self medicated for couple months. Now, I have figured out that the VA/Western medicine is not interested in curing my pneumonia. They are doing everything they can to call it the 19. Bummer, that mean to have it receive the care I deserve.

Okay, here's the details. I've been in the emergency room before this weekend three separate times. Each time getting antibiotics that ultimately didn't work. On the third try the antibiotics didn't even begin to work. (hindsight sent me to a pharmacist that I trust. He didn't think the antibiotic of the third visit was a good choice.) No noticeable change. Then this weekend I go in on Saturday. In the morning I talked with the doctor and got the story that if he admitted me then I would have access to specialty doctors because they were on call for inpatients. That's the last I saw of the doctor that day. What came next was many tests that I don't ever get told about. Then in the afternoon, I was told they were admitting me for overnight. Well that sounded a bit dubious because of the way it was actually put to me.

So I stayed overnight. I got the expected care from the nurses. We will keep you warm as a through the extra blankets at me. Well maybe did didn't throw them at me, but they could just as well have. Then the doctor came in and explained to me that they were doing the 19 tests on me.

A while later an the angel came in. I call her an Angel because she claimed to be the head nurse but I never saw her again. She explained to me that I had tested negative on the 19.

I waited all day and the so-called specialty doctors never showed up. And about 1 o'clock in the afternoon I figured I was going home. But the doctor explained to me he was waiting for another 19 test. I thought about it for three hours and began pulling theirs so-called tests off my body. When the nurse came rushing in about 15 minutes later. She shouted back at the desk he pulled them off. And I told her I was going home. She said you can't go home the doctor has to give the order. So I waited another half hour and guess what got a phone call from the pharmacy explaining the prescriptions. So I knew I was going home. I never saw the doctor again

I think that was a clear case of trying to turn a Pneumonia case into the 19.

LOL! Oh, and I did feel slighted. I have no idea what the nurses looked like. they were all dressed in funny disguises. Some of them even included air filters that pumped air into their masks. LOL!

The Last False Flag - Changing Pneumonia into the 19 Show Print View!



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