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I think were in the middle of a transition to a new era. I'm all for it. We need to change. The present system is getting us nowhere. David Wilcock's prognostications in this article are probably not spot on, but what if they were.

Listen to the Text of this page.

I am praying that this is the last false flag. There has been a WAR going on between good and evil. it's a war for your mind. The cabal has been on the side of evil. And the Alliance is on the side of good per David Wilcock now. The alliance recruited Trump to restore America. The Cabal thinks they are the race that survived the sinking of Atlantis and thinks the world is their's to rule.

This is our time to decide between good and evil. The whole virus situation has brought the world to an avoid each other halt, socially culturally, entertainment wise, and economically, everything stopped. We can take the side of the cabal which is ruling the world now. Or we can regroup and go with our president, a good guy in my opinion. Trump (see Ref d) is trying to take over for us the American people. He is nationalizing the Federal Reserve as this is being written. And I'm sure he is trying to bring back our Republic (see Ref m), the Republic that doesn't need all the amendments for minorities if it is actually enforced as written. The Constitution did not have to say anything about minorities because it was all-inclusive. The Cabal wrote all that minority BS into the Constitution via the courts and amendments. In other words; the Constitution did not need the amendments added by the Cabal. Furthermore, the Constitution that made the states sovereign, thus government does not have power over individuals.

The Cabal added all of the garbage amendments to the Constitution so that they could create chaos now. Oh, you should read other parts of this website. It speaks of how the Cabal is creating chaos by trying to out President Trump.

Just in case it is not totally clear to you who the Cabal is. The Cabal has been your/our government starting before the Civil War till now. They have been slowly enslaving us, Trojan horse style, so they could control us.

I don't exactly know why they are so interested in controlling the world. It has become obvious that it is not to free us humans. They have a different agenda.

So seize the moment. Take advantage of this time to study what's been going on. Then make your decision. Are you going with the old tried-and-true slavery or are you going to go with the alliance and save America.

The United States was born with the idea that people of faith were needed for it to survive, not a Cabal of corruption.

I shoot a lot of pool. One of the guys I shoot with always says just as I'm about to shoot "this is a chance of a lifetime, take advantage of it". Well that's how I feel about this to its our opportunity to make America FREE again. I hope this paragraph wasn't too corny for you.

The facts per the References at the bottom of this page.

Dr Fauci Role

Dr Fauci has been working with the Chinese for decades to bring this about. An article by Dennis Barron shows the tremendous involvement of the American globalists and the Chinese Communists in formulating the response of the Wuhan virus epidemic here in the United States. It shows that Dr. Anthony Fauci the head of the Center for Disease Control has been in bed with these people for some time. (Ref x)

An answer picture shows, Dr. Fauci knew all along there was a cure for this type of virus.

You and I need to remain calm during the month of April.

There are several phenomenal things that are going to happen. There will be three days without communications. Cell phone and Internet will be shut off. You are being asked to remain in your house. This is to facilitate your safety while the arrests are being made. Let me explain that. The alliance has been conducting investigations about the criminality of the Cabal ever since Trump got into office. The alliance has hundreds of thousands of indictments that need to be actuated. And following the arrests there will be broadcasts of the trials.

This information is at Ref a. starting at 1:37:30. The above paragraph is a summary of about one hour of the video.

Who is the Alliance?

In this context the word alliance is ambiguous because David Wilcock stated that the alliance backed Obama before it decided to select Trump. So the alliance is anything you wanted to be. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Is there a New Virus?

5G will use spectrums in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz) and in the millimeter wave bands (24–86 GHz). 5G data rate is 20 Gbit/s. 5G data rate in LTE bands is similar to 4G.

All of the radio waves are not good for our bodies, including the radio waves we listen to. But especially the 5G high band is not good. Those wavelengths are comparable with water size. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%, thus any amount of power directed at us personally is very detrimental.

When a person's body is exposed to any sickness or 5G it emits a genetic material response. This is what the so-called virus test detects (Watch this video). The person dies of the original disease they had but is counted as dying of our new virus because they tested positive for the new virus. If you're really keeping track of this stuff you'll notice that the number of occurrences of other diseases has not gone up. That's because they're being counted as this new virus.

The important part of censored David Icke video!

And from Jon Rappoport - And I’ll simply say: ALL COVID-19 case numbers are meaningless. Why? ONE: Researchers never properly discovered a new virus in China in the first place. Their claim of having done so is false. TWO: The widespread diagnostic test for the virus in a patient, the PCR, is riddled with irreparable flaws. It spits out false-positives, because the test reacts to the presence of irrelevant germs that have nothing to do with a purported COVID. Most importantly the test has never been vetted, in the real world, for its claimed ability to detect whether a patient is ill or is going to become ill. THREE: Many diagnoses of COVID in patients are based on no tests at all, but rather eyeball assessment, guesswork, unproven assumptions, outright lying, or, in China, CT scans of the lungs, which prove nothing about the presence of COVID or any other supposedly causative virus.

Oh, it should be noted that each time a person's environment changes it takes a while for your body to adjust. During that time you may get sick with something. That is just the facts of life. It happened to a friend of mine. She lived near new windmills used to generate electricity. She got sick and had to move away.

So is there a new virus out there? You know the 19. Could be, I don't know. But that's not what were fighting. We are fighting a planned False Flag. And the actual virus—whatever its origin—. Just to be clear, we have two things going on. A False Flag - that would be their exaggerated media coverage. And the actual virus if there is one.

There is 15 hours of videos and articles in the reference section of this page to back up the above comments.

Possible Reasons for this False Flag

1. To keep us separated. Certainly the Cabal does not want us plotting against them.

2. To crash the economy so Pres. Trump doesn't look like the hero he is.

3, And this, there is a huge asteroid that I pray passes by the earth on April 30. This false flag could be their way of getting us prepared. At least that's what I hope the Cabal's intention is. Or just a cover-up of the asteroid.

4. A reason to finish their Technocracy (see Ref q) view of the world. for those of you that don't know, that's the smart meters etc.

5. And of course, (see Ref q) vaccines. The cabal wants to vaccinate everyone. Why that sounds nice. Actually no, the vaccines will include tracking devices. They don't want to lose you. LOL

Fraudulent News

Turns out the virus has not lived up to the MSM hopes
More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary)a>

Media caught red-handed using dummy doll at Elmhurst ICU, selling simulation to general public as COVID-19 crisis

Quit Co-operating with the Cabal

They are not your friend. Paying taxes to them are voting in their system is detrimental to your health. It will come back and bite you.

Why would you waste the energy to vote, if you know both candidates are for the same thing -> the Cabal.

Also, they have you enslaved with their debt banking system. They make you pay back money that they never had.


We are going to be under a new paradigm now. This virus thing is giving us the opportunity to rethink everything. This includes a new government. A new Banking System. And We have to get rid of the old culture of consumerism and move on with learning who we are. We are all possibility human beings. So let's begin to learn how to do that.

The last false flag tells the story of the Alliance versus the Cabal. About how the alliance recruited Trump. And how the cabal are the race that survived the sinking of Atlantis and think the world is theirs to rule.

Rich politicians love to say that we're all in this together, but it's clear we are not. It's just those of us who were screwed by the corporate bailout and those abroad living under US domination who are all truly in this together. One thing is for sure there's no going back from this moment. This crisis exposes the true nature of our imperialist system, but that also means that together we can turn our collective hopelessness into collective radicalization.

The CDC has been missed counting just about everything for their own purposes for a very very long time. Especially vaccinations. They want to give vaccinations for-profit therefore they have to make the sickness count very high.

References to look at

I do understand that David Wilcock is suspect. a 1. David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III - 2. David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic IV 3. David Wilcock 4/18: New Intel and Celebration of Imminent Freedom!?

a. Is President Trump Fighting the Deep State By Nationalizing the Federal Reserve?

b. What is Adrenochrome? by Danny Searle

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f. The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon - #PropagandaWatch

h. Love Is Contagious - The Antidote to Viral Fear

i. COVID: It is not one thing, it is not one disease

j. ANALYSIS: Nearly every person dying from the coronavirus likely has these three things in common

k. What is Self-Directed Education?

l. Depopulation Through Vaccines And Chemtrails by Kent Hovind

m. Why A Replubic

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o. COVID and a 5G connection?

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q. Corona World Order

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s. My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients


u. Obama’s NIH paid the Chinese weapons lab $3.7 million to conduct SARS-Coronavirus research

v. Passport to the Brave New World: the vaccine - gene therapy?

w. Immunity certificates: a load of nonsense and a covert op

x. Fauci: Mandatory Coronavirus Immunity Cards Under Consideration

The Last False Flag Show Print View!



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