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Our 2-party system is not a 2-party system at all, both communist!



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This is the simple Truth that I see! Why aren't you seeing it? Could be you are mesmerized by your TV. This is why I say just quit cooperating. It's insane to vote while the cabal is still in place. Trump has not arrested anyone of the deepstate. So while Hillary, Bush and Obama are free to roam the streets you don't need to vote. It would not be an honest election anyway! The Media has way too much power.

@USlawreview - "We" don't have a side in Govt or Media

How many of you think that mind control is real? Well this mask wearing thing pretty well proves it. You notice how everybody just fell in line. Virtually no dissenters. Makes me sick. They really do have 99% of the population totally programmed.

@USlawreview - Lies, Fraud & "Legal Tender laws"

@USlawreview - The system is not what the founders created

@USlawreview - Corona is NOT an “IMMINENT” threat

@USlawreview - Judge's robes are COSTUMES

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Beautiful Song by Lavoy Finicum's Daughter's

COVID TYRANY (treat it like the tea) HUNGER GAMES PARODY

The Simple Truth Show Print View!



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