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For me, Q's so-called plan discussed on the "The Last Few Years" page is nothing more than a myth now! There were no mass arrests! There was nothing but a 19 False Flag.

Communism has been around for long time in America. Remember in 1963 75 communist goals were added to the Congressional record. America is now following the path that the Communist Manifesto planned out! Most people have no idea!

They want "We the People" to be dependent upon their government. They are not interested in "We the People" governing ourselves. They want to "give give give" so we will stay under their control.

Only two things have stopped Communism from taking full control of America. It'd be our guns and small-businesses/Middle-Class. Communism does not need small-businesses/Middle-Class because they are not centralized. And for you Second Amendment people, they'll probably let you keep your guns since most are going along with the Cabal's plan of the Destruction of America. Or as Obama said - "fundamentally transforming the United States of America". The American public gave into this tyranny/False-Flag, no questions asked. This video highlights what I just said, perfectly. There after control of this country and they're doing it under the disguise of the virus.

Their plan/plans to reopen us is tyranny. As I remember it, America pretty much self shutdown. They listened to the media and wanted to stay home. Then government stepped in and made it official. Well the government's part was illegal unconstitutional all of that.

Now that they have control they want to keep it. So they've come up with these plans to reopen America. It's BS folks. They are stepping on your rights. Just go back to work or whatever you want to do. What are they going to do when we all do it.

For more on your legal status - The truth about the Corona "emergency" with Legalman.

Controlling Us


For communism to work, they must control your mind. therefore, they cannot permit a variety of religions. That's why they're burning down the Christian churches.


They took care of knowledge eons ago. Consult OnFreedomRoad.info.


So far they have driven oil prices down so that the American oil industry cannot produce oil. Oil prices are such that they cannot compete with the foreign companies. That's because all the cars are gone. It's sort of fun to go driving now, you're all alone

America will never be the same again!

'The America We Know and Love Will Never Return' by The Savage Nation Podcast

Tyrannical Govt Show Print View!



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