The UN, the Cartels, the Mexican Government Conspire to Bait Trump Into a War

The murder of the 9 American citizens was baseless, pointless. The Guerros cartel gained nothing by performing this act. So, why did they do it? They were ordered to do it by the Mexican government. The Common Sense Show researcher, Marilyn Rupar, found publications which demonstrated that back in 2014, the Mexican Federal Police Force arrested 43 college students who were protesting the government. The government turned them over to the Guerros and they were all slaughtered. Most of the cartels carry out the desires of the Mexican leaderhip (eg AMLO) so people like Nieto and AMLO can keep their hands clean. So why murder these 9 Americans?

The only reason to murder these 9 Americans was to provoke a war. Please consider the following facts:

1. In April of 2019, the Washington Post reported that the UN was training the newly formed Mexican National Guard for "humanitarian purposes". The UN is deeply involved in Mexico.

2. For years, there have been repeated reports of Chinese soldiers and an accompanying UN presence near the border. I repeatedly reported on this in 2014 during the last Central American immgration invasion.

3. There exists the UN's Kigali Principles which Obama signed shortly before leaving office. This allows the UN, on its own say-so to enter into any conflict or civil disturbance militarily.

These combined facts make it clear to many in federal law enforcement that I spoke with that this attack upon this family was designed to force Trump's hand and order troops to cross the border and the UN, along with their Chinese partners, would spring into action in order to defend the "sovereign" country of Mexico from American imperialistic interventions. In other words this whole process was a set up from the beginning and Trump did not take the bait.

the Common Sense Show.

the protections of cognitive dissonance

Most Americans are sleepwalking through this coup against Trump in a type of mass cognitive dissonance. However, when your door is broken down at 3AM and you are hauled off to the camps, the protections of cognitive dissonance fades into oblivion like many of you will who are reading words. In conclusion, you may wish to burn your MAGA hats because it will become prima facia evidence of treason in the new Schiff-Pelosi coup as Hillary uses the NDAA to subjugate all of you people on the Steve Quayle “red list”. Enjoy your slumber America, it is almost 3AM.

This paragraph from the Common Sense Show.

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