There has been a coup d'état of the USA going on for decades. The latest developments by the deep state towards that end could very easily break into Civil War. WE THE PEOPLE, along with trumps leadership have the deep state cornered. Or I could say – backed into a corner. They became desperate beginning with the election of President Trump. Now they are really desperate since they are cornered and the possibility of hundreds of them being arrested and tried for treason. The deep state has been trying to impeach President Trump ever since he was elected.

First it was the Russian hoax they tried the pin on President Trump. Now it is Ukrainegate. Now the deep state's problem is that WE THE PEOPLE and President Trump know what they are up to. They tried to hinge an impeachment inquiry around a phone call the president made to the Ukraine. In the call President Trump asked Ukraine about American corruption in the Ukraine. WE THE PEOPLE now know that the corruption is and was much more than the deep state wanted us to see.

History leading up to now - October, 2019

Over the last several years I've been building a website called That's a good start on what has been unfolding in the last few years since Trump was elected.

The following block of infomation is a highlight of the era directly before President Trump.

#Benghazi was about running guns to Syria
Hillary's What Difference does it make after she let them die.
Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died on CBS News.

Obama nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 which mandated the media to report honestly domestically. Boy, are they using that now!

Obama says: I won’t wear the American flag pin because I don’t like how it represents patriotism in this country.
Also, we (America) are no longer a Christian nation.
And I am a Muslim.

Don't forget B. Clintion's body count.

And let us not forget George W. Bush's falseflags: 9/11 and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
And a banking collapse.

And they assassinated JFK.

How the Deep State operates

Hitler said "accuse your enemies of what you are doing." The Deep State are experts at it.

  • They Colluded: so accuse Trump
  • They Threaten withholding aide: so accuse Trump.
  • Keep saying these lies hoping they will stick.
  • Cause chaos so they have a reason for their next move.

Here's what the deep state has in mind

Credits to Dave Hodges for the following items.

The deep state Democrats (now a monolithic terrorist network that’s trying to take down America) have a plan in place to install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States before the end of this year.

Full details of the plan are explained in the video below. Here’s the summary of the steps the deep state Democrats hope to achieve:

  • Step 1) Fake an impeachment of President Trump and whip up media hysteria to gaslight the entire nation into thinking Trump is being impeached when it’s all an act (with no real vote in the House, no legal bearing and no legitimacy).
  • Step 2) Stage an arrest of President Trump, V.P. Mike Pence and his Cabinet members for CNN’s cameras to create the visual impression that Trump is guilty of something. After all, why is he in handcuffs? (Everything with the Democrats is theater. Everything is staged.)
  • Step 3) Swear in Nancy Pelosi as the President, since she’s next in line (as Speaker of the House).
  • Step 4) Nancy Pelosi appoints Hillary Clinton as her Vice President.
  • Step 5) Nancy Pelosi resigns as President, making the V.P. (now Hillary Clinton) the President.
  • Step 6) Hillary Clinton then appoints a new Vice President, perhaps John Brennan, to strengthen the deep state spooks in her administration.

From that point on, the mass arrest and executions of all Trump supporters gets authorized by “President Hillary,” and all businesses or individuals who do not worship the authoritarian Clinton police state will be literally imprisoned in gulags or executed by Clinton’s death squads (which already have plenty of experience from Bill Clinton’s Arkansas days).

Credits to Dave Hodges

The deep state plot to install
Hillary Clinton as PRESIDENT
before the end of this year

The Multidimensional World We Inhabit

Science used to involve Space and Time, but now involves Space, Time and Consciousness. And it is multidimensional. That means you don't necessarily see, hear and feel everything, unless you are tuned in to it.

Russell Targ summarizes it quitewell - by saying that our reality is a hologram, whereby each region of space-time contains information about every other point in space-time. This information is readily available to our awareness and the holographic universe of David Bohm.

That means there is a set of information with no boundaries of space or time that everyone can learn to access. - Think about it, that means your potential is unimaginable.

Radiesthesia – The Ancient Science of Vibrational Physics
Dr. Dominique Surel

Consciousness Realities

A Lesson In Consciousness | Cheryl Costa