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Those Who Know Cannot Sleep

The father who rapes and abuses his child is the baseline. He gave into a lust, a longing for what is forbidden: sexualizing what he should be nurturing and protecting. When he did not check this lust and correct his thinking, his thinking led to destructive action. When unchecked sin continues uncorrected, the sin and lust grows.

Lust for money and power that goes unchecked leads to actions that bring destruction. Many of these people in high places traded their morality for temporary indulgences of lust, whether it be sexual lust, notoriety lust, material lust, or whatever. The process is the same. The end result is the same.

There is a Herculean effort right now to expose these crimes against children and humanity. People in positions of power able to bring these deeds to the forefront have been working diligently to do so. Equally, people in positions of power that need these deeds to remain hidden are working violently to keep them hidden. Carefully crafted stories are being presented even now; defenses to normalize these crimes are working overtime in the media, academia and elsewhere.

Determine to know the truth, to expose the darkness, to not rest until justice for the victims is reached. Do not close your eyes. Do not make excuses. Do not let this scourge continue in our land and on our watch. Do it for the children!

Who Do We Turn To When The Justice System Protects The Guilty?

Every person in this nation who can understand evil is walking among us and our leaders have failed us, must do a personal inventory and determine the thing(s) each of us CAN and SHOULD do to turn back the evil, expose the evil, and bring justice back to the fabric of our nation. We must demand the criminals at the highest levels who continue to cover up crimes be brought to justice, even if they may be our favorite Hollywood actors, the best musicians, our token politicians, our local judges and law enforcement. Even if it means they all have to be put in jail and we need to start over.

Let’s see if President Trump’s statement can be enforced for the good of our nation, for the well-being of our children, for the justice of thousands of victims: I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.

If the Average American Only Knew

If the average American knew the CIA set up a dark funds trust for the express purpose of making money that did not run through the U.S. Congress nor need Congressional oversight or approval, so they could carry out covert and clandestine operations without clearance…

And that these operations would include setting up the largest drug, weapons and money laundering systems the world has seen…

And that the United States CIA is expressly responsible for the enormous influx of drugs to enter our nation for the past five decades…

Or that the CIA would both employ and compensate cartel members and drug lords by putting them on their payroll…