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Until now, the only way to stop the radical Democrats is at the ballot box. But if they had it their way, illegal immigrants and young teenagers would vote as well. The media, Hollywood and academia would dictate who to vote for. And if a Democrat were in the White House, would Republicans have the audacity to conduct such a scam on the president as this impeachment process? No, they wouldn’t and again Democrats know this. But if another Republican were to gain the lofty office, wouldn’t disgruntled Democrats do this again? They surely would because they know their bully tactics work and are supported by their infrastructure. Trump is a strong personality, stronger than most. But as he has said, could other Republicans stand up to the onslaught he has? Why Democrats have reduced prospective judges to tears in their confirmation hearings. Just imagine what they would do to the next Republican president.

And after Trump’s multi-year ordeal ending in a House impeachment vote mercifully comes to a close, is there a Republican who will actually dare run for president? Democrats certainly hope there isn’t.

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