You have to fight for your rights.
No rights have ever been won in court!

What that paragraph is talking about is your RIGHTS. All of your rights, like this video points out,

A Right is not a Right until:

  • • You have claimed Your Right.
  • • Used Your Right.
  • • And defended Your Right.

It's like standing in line: claim your spot, stand there, and defend the spot.

That is how all rights reform has been accomplished. It always starts with you claiming your right.

Note: The gay issue was resolved by law. Well the other issues Ammon mentions where resolved by amendments to the Constitution. Amendments are very hard to make or be taken away. Well law can change in a matter of days.

So don't be afraid to step ahead of the line on the floor at your fast food restaurant. That will be one step against tyranny. What will they do, if we all do it? Oh, and GOD's not dead!

What Comes Next is Peaceful Meetings to Coordinate Action

This first video is an example of the town hall meetings that should be going on in every community. In the video they call it the People's meeting. This is the nest step in retrieving your rights. watch as they explain how to do it peacefully and legally. Ammon has been there and done that.

Ammon Bundy people’s meeting.

Bundy goes to resident of police officer who arrested
a mother who took her children to a park.

Organizing to Defeat Tyranny