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It is this simple!
All men are created equal and endowed by their "Creator"
with unalienable Rights. And to secure these rights,
"Governments" were instituted! That was the Plan.
So now "Just Quit Co-operating" or we let in the full "Communist Tyranny".



to Mar 2021

An Esoteric View

The Ugly Facts

Their Goal

The Coup-d etat

The Real News



Consensus reality

Consensus reality is the reality most are agreeing with.

Consensus Reality in the Context of this Consciousness Discussion

Consensus does not make it so. It only means most think that way. If most are thinking a falsehood, that will come about.

If most are thinking a positive outcome, based on the real facts, that will come about.

Propaganda can drive Consensus Reality.

So for a positive outcome, turn off the TV. Remember the TV literally hypnotizes you, making whatever is presented - gospel.

Good Consensus Reality

Consensus reality is the reality of sacrifice. It is coagulating energy, form, content, substance that takes on amorphous shapes studded with slots into which people can fit themselves.

The independent individual thinks what he wants to think. Over time, he keeps graduating into new, more nearly unique levels of what he wants to think.

He rises above the group. He rises to his own thoughts.

There is no subject and no substance which is not infiltrated by consensus reality. Wherever you look, you will encounter it. The group is the basis of consensus reality, and the group pact extends everywhere. The group fears a sector where only individual thought can tread.



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