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It is this simple!
All men are created equal and endowed by their "Creator"
with unalienable Rights. And to secure these rights,
"Governments" were instituted! That was the Plan.
So now "Just Quit Co-operating" or we let in the full "Communist Tyranny".



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FOX News Suspect

The moment someone brings up that Fox News, in their opinion, is too far right or not truthful you know you have a willfully ignorant person present.

If we were to draw a graph of truth. Fox News would be with the other MSM. Without even using the word bias, we all know that watching television gives us a very narrow band of information. and besides that, television is there to entertain us. Not to inform us. So why would a person limit themselves to watching TV news only?

Watching TV only means you don't know about things like BenGhazi (gunrunning to Syria) or Seal Team 6 being murdered. Or that the current masking up of America is nothing more than a political scam to condition us to take a vaccine that is more than likely going to kill billions (Georgia Guidestones). Or the lack of enthusiasm shown at Biden's rallies. Or the three stripes in the Biden logo. Or the NWO/Great-Reset.

You won't understand a political debate. Because you won't know what the POTUS candidates are talking about.

Or the censorship that is taking place. Read the blue background. Twitter won't allow this URL in the tweets.

And you don't know one of the POTUS candidates is a Crook. This video is at least 3 years old. So why is it just now being fully discussed? A question you must answer.

These are good sources for News and Information

These are good sources for News and Information

Summarizing the whole page, means that if you are talking with somebody who blurts out that Fox News is bad. You know you are talking with a hypnotized TV watcher person (that is whole knew meaning for the word Televised). You're not going to get any factual information out of them. It is like talking to a drunk.

You don't need to change parties because of this discussion, but you do need to understand what's going on. Don't limit yourself to what's on TV.

And when you quit watching TV, there will be two or three weeks of withdrawal symptoms.

To this point I've been NICE. Now "The Ugly Truth"

Founding fathers would hang Republicans? Why? They are NOT Explaining ALL of this. The Republicans are also letting the Dems run AMOK while they do the same!

Or this lack of enthusiasm. I know that the Polls are wrong that are saying Biden is ahead of Trump. But I also know there are more diehard Democrats out there than this. What does all this mean?

But there must've been a reason why the Democrats wanted Joe Biden so badly. And now it comes out that he was totally corrupt. And his take was 10%. By extension, what was the take of the Democratic party?

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