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It is this simple!
All men are created equal and endowed by their "Creator"
with unalienable Rights. And to secure these rights,
"Governments" were instituted! That was the Plan.
So now "Just Quit Co-operating" or we let in the full "Communist Tyranny".



to Mar 2021

An Esoteric View

The Ugly Facts

Their Goal

The Coup-d etat

The Real News



Keep us in the dark

“Keep us in the dark” Explained;. They are doing everything they can to disrupt our common consciousness. In my lifetime; the introduction of radio, the introduction of cell phones, the introduction of fluoride in the water, the introduction of new pharmaceuticals, the introduction of viruses, the introduction of television and now 5G radio frequencies. They have made it a very noisy world. Anything to keep our bodies from fully functioning the way we designed to.



Lets Talk News.

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