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It is this simple!
All men are created equal and endowed by their "Creator"
with unalienable Rights. And to secure these rights,
"Governments" were instituted! That was the Plan.
So now "Just Quit Co-operating" or we let in the full "Communist Tyranny".



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COVID 19 virus has not been officially found/identified. I've got three sources for this information.

I would guess most of you are asking - how can this be? Well what if just a few people owned all broadcasting and all of the corporations of America. What if the same people wanted to take over.

Well that is what is going on. It's called a coup d'etat. And your media is not telling you about it, except that Pres. Trump is bad. Sad.

Dr. Fauci?

My number one question: what evidence did Dr. Fauci provide that there was a new virus?

Okay, the media's most trusted source, except he was wrong about everything. It is not the first time he's been wrong. He spouted some kind of computer model. But there was never any evidence that said - "this is what it is. This is how we isolated the virus." PS. He was correct on absolutely nothing.

David Icke

David Icke very quickly had a video that COVID 19 virus was not properly identified. In a matter of a day he was totally removed from YouTube. My conclusion is that they really want this false flag/hoax to go over . The important part of censored David Icke video! I am only posting the audio, as I know the video would crash me too.

Jon Rappoport

And I'll simply say: ALL COVID-19 case numbers are meaningless. Why? ONE: Researchers never properly discovered a new virus in China in the first place. Their claim of having done so is false. TWO: The widespread diagnostic test for the virus in a patient, the PCR, is riddled with irreparable flaws. It spits out false-positives, because the test reacts to the presence of irrelevant germs that have nothing to do with a purported COVID. Most importantly the test has never been vetted, in the real world, for its claimed ability to detect whether a patient is ill or is going to become ill. THREE: Many diagnoses of COVID in patients are based on no tests at all, but rather eyeball assessment, guesswork, unproven assumptions, outright lying, or, in China, CT scans of the lungs, which prove nothing about the presence of COVID or any other supposedly causative virus.

Read the entire article Jon Rappoport.

Dr. Thomas Cowan

Why are people working so hard to silence this point of view? Who gains from trying to squash anyone who's just asking questions, and what's wrong with asking these questions in the first place? If this hypothesis is just flat out wrong and doesn't include any medical advice at all, why does it need to be removed from every corner of YouTube and censored?

As these questions were swirling around my head, I just had to go straight to the source and Dr. Thomas Cowan on a call.

Solving the Woohan 5G Mexican Beer Virus Mystery
With Dr. Thomas Cowan

This is my take from the above video and my knowledge: "listen to this video real close, you will figure out that most every epidemic since Western medicine became prominent, has been caused by Western medicine."

Testing for a virus that may not be

A recent scientific paper explains how 5G creates coronavirus like structures within human cells

How Everyone Will Test Positive For COVID-19

Note this does not say 5G is the start or exclusive cause of what may be a COVID 19 infection. Although, it certainly suggests it. 5G definitely is a factor in our health today.

@USlawreview - The "pandemic" is a PSY OPP



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